18V Drill Options

There are certain home-improvement projects that require just your basic corded or battery operated power drill- but then there are other, more intense, projects that require the services of a more powerful drill, for these jobs, an 18V drill may be the perfect tool. Many drills on the market today come in lower-voltage models, such as 12-volt or 14.4-volt options. Most times, these drills will perform just fine. After all, a standard 12-volt power drill boasts 80 inch-pounds of torque. That’s perfectly acceptable for most jobs. However, there are certain home-improvement projects that require a bit more power. For these jobs, it’s best to invest in an 18V drill, one that comes with 400 to 500 inch-pounds of torque strength.

It’s important to have this more powerful drill available. After all, you don’t want to get immersed in a project only to discover that you don’t have a powerful enough tool to properly complete it. If you only have a 12-volt or 14.4-volt power drill at your disposal, that’s exactly the kind of situation you may find yourself in.
A drill’s power is also important when you’re working with a cordless drill. In general, the more voltage a cordless power drill has, the longer you’ll be able to use it before having to recharge it. That means that you’ll get more work done between charging periods if you’re using an 18V cordless drill than you will if you’re relying on a 14.4-volt or 12-volt cordless power drill.

It can take a significant amount of time to fully charge a cordless power drill. It’s important, then, to work with a cordless drill that does have enough power to allow you to complete your job before the tool needs to be recharged. A cordless drill with a higher voltage – such as an 18V drill – may be the answer. Of course, power drills with more voltage will cost more than will lower-voltage drills. This makes sense: Drills that boast higher amounts of voltage are better tools. You’d expect to pay more for a higher-quality tool. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune, though, to purchase an 18V power drill. Simply do some shopping around. This way, you can find the best price for one of these tools. If you instead buy the first 18V power drill you see for sale, the odds are higher that you’ll pay too much. And in today’s economy, no one wants to overspend on anything.

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