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Hammer Drills For Breaking Concrete

BREAK THROUGH THAT SEEMINGLY IMPENETRABLE CONCRETE WITH A HAMMER DRILL! Has your futile effort to bore a hole through that 10-inch thick wall left all the tools in your tool box ruined and you frustrated and drained of energy? Don’t waste your time in devising any complicated procedure but simply walk to your nearby store […]

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Types of Hammer Drill

Overview of Hammer Drill Types And Their Specifics! Hammer drill is such a tool that is mainly used in drilling and making holes on the hard platforms like concrete, metal, wood, plastic. Mainly these hammers are used by the engineers, technicians, electricians, roofers and mainly professional people. The hammer drill can be of many sizes […]

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Top Uses of Hammer Drills

Drill or hammer drill that is an important part of the toolbox for both the professional and also the homemaker has various usages to it. A drill is mostly used in the construction site but also can be used at home. There are various types of drills available in the market made by various companies […]

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Hammer Drill vs Impact Driver

Whether you want to do up your entire house or change a bit in one corner, there are two tools that always come handy. These two tools, namely the hammer drill and the impact driver are indispensable to almost any and every tool box.     Hammer drills are specially adapted for drilling through tough surfaces. […]

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How to Use Hammer Drill

Tips On How to Use a Hammer Drill Properly and Safely! Hammer drill or more commonly known as rotary hammer, roto-hammer or impact drill is a very important tool that is needed both in professional and amateur spheres of drilling. The electrician, the Mason, the decorator, the carpenter all needs a drill. Even for little […]

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makita lithium ion battery reviews

The Lithium ion Makita battery offers you distinct advantages over other power source options, especially non-lithium batteries. When considering your options, the Makita battery should be at the top of your list. Here’s why: The current models of the lithium ion Makita battery have a long life, both shelf life and time for use. You […]

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Makita Cordless Drill Battery Advantages

It’s no surprise that so many handymen prefer to work with cordless power drills- however, it’s important, to remember to power that cordless drill with a reliable battery, such as the Makita cordless drill battery. Cordless drills are convenient options to traditional power drills. With a cordless drill, you won’t have to waste any time […]

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A Battery Drill Vs Corded Drills

When you’re buying an electric drill, you have to make one big choice: Should you purchase a battery drill or should you buy a traditional drill that plugs into an electric outlet with a cord? Neither drill is the wrong choice, of course. There are pros and cons with each drill. The decision to buy […]

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18V Drill Options

There are certain home-improvement projects that require just your basic corded or battery operated power drill- but then there are other, more intense, projects that require the services of a more powerful drill, for these jobs, an 18V drill may be the perfect tool. Many drills on the market today come in lower-voltage models, such […]

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