Best Biscuit and Plate Joiners review

Creating or recreating something that is made from wood is challenging and yet innovating because you know how to establish the different set of materials because of your fine craftsmanship. When it comes to crafting wood pieces, there will be a time where you will see a store that sells pieces of wood and there you will come to a thought where you think what kind of product you are going to craft. A biscuit joiner is a tool where you can combine two pieces of wood.

The biscuit is used as a material to bond the two pieces of wood together, to secure the bond it is required to use glue. Remember, the precision of the measurement doesn’t even matters because the biscuit will be the one who will adjust and so is the machine’s function. There are many biscuit joiners on sale in the stores but if you are new in crafting, it is recommended that you buy a biscuit joiner that has a high-quality component of the product such as its motor power and so is its affordable price. This article will show to you the 5 best biscuit joiner and the best plate joiners.

1. Makita PJ7000

Makita-PJ7000-biscuit-joinerThis biscuit joiner has a powerful 5.6 AMP motor power that delivers for 11,000 RPM, thus, the result will be quick and precise when it comes to cutting series of woods. The rack and pinion vertical fence system were engineered in order to have an accurate adjustment of the fence. The cast aluminum pivot fence can stop at 0,4, and 90 degrees. Also, its handling is too firm that the user will not be able to slip the tool. This shows how this biscuit joiner has become precise and comfortable to the user’s hands as the user is crafting.



There are many benefits that this biscuit joiner features and there are also materials that made the quality and the performance of the tool enhanced such as:

• Tool Case
• Double Insulated
• Carbide blade
• Non-marring rubber
• Tool-less Blade
• Six depth settings

2. Dewalt DW682K

DeWALT-DW682K-biscuit-joinerThis second biscuit joiner came in a set, with the dual rack and pinion fence, the blade and fence became parallel. Not just that, the integral fence is adjustable and it can tilt from 0 to 90 degrees, this heavy-duty biscuit joiner allows the user to cut slots in order to hold the biscuit with good precision. Because of this, you will be able to create solid joints in a quick and accurate way.


The Dewalt DW682K is a heavy-duty joiner that can bring your precise and accurate result due to its components. Other than that, there are other presets that can make this product more durable and accurate such as:

6 APM Motor Power
45-degree locating notch

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3. Lamello Classic X 101600

Lamello-Classic-X-101600-biscuit-joinerThis biscuit joiner has a base plate that is located on the side of the tool in order to ensure easy positioning on the edge. The CNC machined parts and its long life guidance system can render accurate parallel grooves in order to have the perfect alignment.


There are presets in the tool where it can make the user ensure the woodcut’s accuracy and the alignment of the
a plate such as:
• Multi-functional stop square
• Central locking system
• Swiveling fence


4. Porter-Cable 557

Porter-Cable-557-biscuit-joinerThe porter-Cable plate joiner has a powerful 7 AMP motor that makes the blade rotate at exactly 10,000 RPM. The fence can tilt from 0 to 135 degrees. Unlike to other plate joiners, it can handle also 7 cutting settings.


There are many benefits that this plate joiner can show to the users. Other than that, there are also presets that make the tool more effective such as:

• 4-inch blade
• Pivoted fence system
• Advanced fence system
• Bale handle


5. True Power 01-0102

TruePower-01-0102-biscuit-joinerThis last tool can make the quick and accurate biscuit cuts in the wood piece in order to have strong miter joints and edged cuts. The fence is also adjustable in order to have the user gain a precise positioning of the measurement in the wood.


There is order component in this plate joiner such as:
• 0 to 45-degree cutting angle
• Tungsten Carbide blade


Motor power than can go to 11,000 RPM There are the best plate and biscuit joiner. Unlike to other biscuit joiner reviews, this review shows to you the effective, durable, and affordable biscuit and plate joiner! With its high-quality components and accuracy, the user will be able to receive great results after combining the wood pieces together.

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