The Best Heat Guns & Guide for 2017

best-heat-gun-for-the-money-reviewA heat gun is a hand-held gadget that emits hot air, normally at temperatures ranging from 200 to 1000 F. However, some models can release temperatures ranging around 1400 F.

There is a wide variety of heat guns in the market today, with some emitting low temperatures, which are perfect for stripping paint, while others release hotter air, which is ideal for welding plastics and bending pipes. In this post, we shall outline how to go about choosing the best heat gun, and also review five of the best heat guns out there.

How to Choose the Best Heat Gun

The following are the most important aspects that you need to consider when buying a heat gun.

1. Temperature Settings

Primary heat guns typically release hot air streams with temperatures ranging between 500 and 700 F. These are the heat guns that you should consider in case you’re looking to use the gadget for stripping paint. On the other hand, if you need more heat, consider going for heat guns with temperatures ranging more 1000 F. These are ideal for welding and bending pipes.

2. Nozzle Size and Shape

Go for a heat gun with several nozzle sizes and shapes, as they would allow you to use the heat gun on different projects. In case you’re looking to heat a small part, get a heat gun that has a reducer nozzle, but if you would like to heat a narrow or wide area, you need to get a heat gun whose nozzle is flat.

You also need to consider the material you would like to heat. If it is made of copper or plastics, get a heat gun that has a reflector nozzle to make sure that the area heats evenly. However, if the material is made of glass, you need a heat gun that has a glass protector nozzle so that the glass does not break.

3. Wattage

The majority of heat guns have a wattage ranging between 1000 and 2000 watts. Remember, the higher the wattage, the better the heat gun.

Here are the best heat gun reviews.

HT1000 1200-Watt Heat Gun

Wagner-0503008-HT-1000-heat-gunThe HT1000 is a multipurpose heat gun that is ideal for numerous heating applications including paint removal, bending plastics, old flooring, defrosting frozen pipes, and loosening rusted bolts. This heat gun produces a wattage of 1200 and temperature ranging between 750 and 1000 F. It is ideal for handymen and homeowners. The following are some of the activities you can do with this heat gun:

• Defrosting freezers
• Bending plastic pipes
• Drying plasters
• Removing paint

On the flipside, the heat gun can get extremely hot after some time.

toolsconsultThe DEWALT D26950

DeWalt-D26950-heat-gunThe DEWALT D26950 is a lightweight heat gun with a big temperature range between 120 and 1100 F. It is ideal for a wide range of heating applications, as it comes with a temperature control to help you set the temperature level that suits your application. Then again, it comes with a built-in kickstand to keep it from tipping over. The DEWALT D26950 also has an overload protection that shuts down the heating element to prevent burning up. Its ten-foot power cord also has a protector.

Drawback: the switch could get damaged with bad handling.


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The PC1500HG Heat Gun

Porter-Cable-PC1500HG-heat-gunThe best thing about the PC1500HG heat gun from Power-Cable is that it comes with a dual fan speed controller that allows you to choose between high and low temperatures. It also comes with a support stand that enables it to sit upright if you prefer to go for the hand’s free use. Furthermore, the heat gun has a hanging hook for easy storage.

The gun is lightweight, weighing only two pounds and therefore the user faces fewer risks of fatigue when using it. Its motor has a wattage of 1500 units to ensure delivery of high temperatures and multiple fan settings. This heat gun is ideal for many applications including:

• Paint removal
• Shrinking plastic tubes
• Bending plastic pipes
• Welding plastic items
• Removing adhesive tiles

Con: it gets quite hot after some time.


The Genesis GHG1500A Heat Gun

Genesis-GHG-1500A-heat-gunThe Genesis GHG1500A has a wattage that ranges between 750 and 1500. Additionally, it comes with a temperature control for to set it at the ideal heat level for your application. The heat gun also has deflector nozzles to protect glass and other delicate surfaces.

The Genesis GHG1500A is a handy tool for the following applications:

• Stripping Varnish and Paint
• Softening Putty and Caulking for Removal
• Removing Adhesive Labels
• Thawing Gutters, Pipes, Freezers, and Radiators
• Loosening Rusted Nuts and Bolts
• Speed-Drying Cement and any other damp surface

Con: the seam in front of the handle is a bit uncomfortable – file it smooth to improve your gadget


Black & Decker HG1300

Black-and-Decker-HG1300-heat-gunThe Black & Decker HG1300 is a lightweight heat gun that has a wattage of 1375 units. This heat gun comes with two heat settings (750 and 1000 F) for different applications. In fact, the gadget can be used for applications that need a heat level between 500 and 1000 F.

The Black & Decker HG1300 can be used for the following purposes:

• Stripping varnish and paint
• Loosening rusted nuts and bolts
• Thawing frozen pipes
• Quick drying damp surfaces

Con: breaks easily if not handled properly


Final word

The products listed on our best heat gun reviews are available on Amazon; check them out. Feel free to leave your feedback.

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