The best right angle drill

best-right-angle-drill-reviewRight-angle drills do more than help you access difficult-to-access spaces; Add power, control, and versatility to your toolbox. The best right-angle drills offer a variety of grip configurations, sizes, and speeds.

This breakthrough is an improvement that the Germans created to become the first choice for all their plumbing, electrical and construction supply needs.

What is a right-angle drill?

– A right angle drill is a tool that is designed to do jobs in tight locations. Basically it is a drill with a straight design so that it can fit everywhere, has a puncture system in the tip that facilitates its use and automatically removes the debris that are generated in the hole in front of you. Possibly several people think that it is not a necessary item, but the people who take over plumbing know that this is the best item to facilitate narrow problems.

How to?

– Straight-angle drills are used in the same way as normal drills. They have a cylinder system that produces very fast turn the tip, also has a trigger where you can adjust the speed of the cylinder. Basically, right angle drills are used to work in tight places.

Best Right angle drill review

DEWALT DCD740C1 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Right Angle Drill Kit, 1.5 Ah

DeWalt-DCD740C1-right-angle-drillIt is a compact model and worthy of the price it owns, this drill is a strong tool of 20v that wins to the 18v’s in various aspects.

Good features:

* It has a battery that lasts up to 15 minutes of vigorous use. They can be recharged faster than you can take a break while you used it, so you will not have to worry about the duration.

* It has its compact model weighing 3.9 pounds, which is extremely light and even lighter than the 18v’s

* It has two degrees of adjustable speeds, and these two are faster and stronger than 18v drills.

Bad features:

* This drill has a great force, but the plastic grip it has is not very comfortable when using the tool.

* When we release the action trigger, the momentum of the force causes the cylinder to loosen slightly. This happens most often with the maximum speed.


Makita XAD02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8-Inch Angle Drill, Tool Only

Makita-XAD02Z-right-angle-drillA classic drill with good Makita performance, it still has some details.

Good features:

* It is a drill that works with 18 volts and weighs 3.3 pounds, this is a very good ratio.

* It includes all its features with easy use, ranges to change speeds (0 – 1,800 RPM), and keyless chuck for simple and quick installation. So it is very practical and you do not need to memorize the manual.

Bad features:

* Meets all specifications, but lacks durable material. Many users have complained that it does not meet the duration. With thick hands this tool will not last you a month, you have to handle it with care.

* It heats easily when is in full action mode. When you pass the first minute of drilling, the tool parts start to smell burned.


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Milwaukee 2615-20 Cordless M18 Right Angle Drill, Tool only

Milwaukee-2615-20-right-angle-drillChinese brand that is personally the best right angle drill of all, this tool includes enhancements that stand out from the other drills.

Good features:

* It has good structure to drill holes in the roofs, as it suppresses momentum evenly and retains strength; you can drill a hole in a concrete surface in half a minute.

* The drill has a LED light that allows fixing exactly where the hole will be, and after having drilled, this light stays on to conserve the linear direction of the hole, Excellent feature!

Bad features:

* The chuck model can pinch your hand when you’re squeezing it.

* The trigger is very sensitive, but you can put the lock on the side buttons (forward/reverse).

In overall the cons are very insignificant and I catalog this drill as the best right angle drill.


Bosch ADS181BL Bare-Tool 18-volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Right Angle Drill with L-BOXX-2 and Exact-Fit Tool Insert Tray

Bosch-ADS181BL-right-angle-drillA heavy drill that hits the market with a design that promises high-quality work.

Good features:

* It has great strength and durability when it comes to making heavy drilling jobs.

* It works with 18 volts and the batteries last almost forever. Users who have used this drill ensure that the battery maintains its durability until after a month of constant vigorous use.

Bad features:

* It has a heavy design, with 10.8 pounds makes this drill difficult to handle, users claim that thick hands are needed.


Makita DA3010F 4 Amp 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill with LED Light

Makita-DA3010F-right-angle-drillWe have another presentation of Makita, this time a more elaborate drill and with a high price.

Good features:

* It is perfect for working in tight places, because of its light weight (3.5 pounds) you can perfectly maneuver the drill avoiding the torque.

* It has great power to open gaps, and of course has its speed levels to graduate them.

Bad features:

* It is wired and you will need a plug nearby to use it.

* Like its other presentation, its parts do not have much durability and apart the trigger is extremely sensitive.



In conclusion, if you are a worker who wants to work without worries anywhere and your works are done to perfection, you must undoubtedly have a right angle drill in your toolbox.

The Chinese brand drill managed to stand out over the others, with its impressive price and characteristics caused a great improvement in the generations of right angle drills.

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