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Determining The Best Ryobi Impact Wrench For Your Needs

How Does The Ryobi Impact Wrench Measure Up?

Power tools have become a regular commodity in the way we work, from simple jobs around the house to complicated tasks on a professional jobsite. No matter where you go, there will always be a job for an impact wrench, a power drill, a miter saw, a nail gun or countless other devices that make our jobs easier on a regular basis.

One such tool is the Ryobi Impact Wrench. The Ryobi Impact Wrench is a powerful, high-quality impact device that is made specifically for the purpose of tightening down or loosening nuts and bolts with the kind of necessary, job-improving torque that you can’t usually get by using a standard hand wrench.

Picking the right Ryobi Impact Wrench is essential whenever you want to get the job done right the first time – and what’s so good about this product is that you don’t need to pick one based on the best quality, because they’re all high-quality. You just need to pick which one best suits your specific needs. Doing that is easy because the Ryobi Impact Wrench offers a variety of related functions and even Ryobi Impact Wrench reviews show that you really can’t go wrong with this product.

1.Ryobi P261 18V ONE+ 3-Speed 1/2 in. Cordless Impact Wrench (Tool-Only, Battery and Charger NOT Included)

Ryobi P261 18V ONEThe Ryobi P261 18V ONE+ 3-Speed 1/2 in. Cordless Impact Wrench Is a very impressive device in that the impact mechanism produces 300 ft/lbs of torque and up to 3200 impacts per minute. It’s got a very powerful design which allows for both, tightening and loosening a variety of different nuts and bolts. It also has a half an inch square anvil with detent pin retention for a socket connection that is not only easy but secure as well. It also has a three speed selector switch that offers greater control over a considerably wide range of fastening needs and applications.

This tool has been used for a number of applications including removing lug nuts from auto parts and providing the torque needed for more stubborn nuts where a standard hand wrench might not work. On a slightly negative side, it has been known at first to give off a little bit of an unusual smell, but that’s been thought to simply be due to the new plastic on the device itself.


2.Ryobi ONE+ 18V Impact Wrench Kit P1890 w/ 4Ah Battery & Charger

Ryobi ONE+ 18V Impact Wrench Kit P1890The Ryobi ONE+ 18V Impact Wrench Kit P1890 w/ 4Ah Battery & Charger is also a product worth taking note of because it’s not only more compact but also more powerful than the previous model, plus it produces an increased amount of torque and impacts per minute; and it also features a three speed selector switch and tri-beam LED lights, plus it has an 18 volt ONE+ 4Ah High Capacity Battery.

This impact tool actually comes highly recommended because of the 4 amp battery. The 300 ft/lbs of torque with the included battery and charger make it easy to quickly perform tasks like changing tires and shocks on a car, plus the battery lasts long enough to where even after such tasks, there tends to be plenty of power left for other jobs as well


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3.Ryobi P236 ONE Plus 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Impact Driver (Bare Tool)

Ryobi P236 ONE PlusThe Ryobi P236 ONE Plus 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Impact Driver is really good because of certain features like the auto load chuck, which provides fast and easy bit loading and ejecting, plus its’ powerful motor creates 33% more torque and it also has a tri-beam LED for the best lighting in a situation that requires it, as well as a very convenient magnetic holder for loose screws and bits. It’s also got a new and improved grip for easier handling on the job.

Overall, it’s a terrific impact driver and is good for nuts and bolts in a variety of sizes, but it actually has so much torque that you need to be careful because you could accidentally strip the pieces. On a mildly negative side, the LED only comes on when you squeeze the trigger and it goes off immediately when you let the trigger go, so that can make it difficult to get a specific idea as to exactly what you’re about to do if there’s not enough light around you. Other than that, the reviews of this product have been excellent.


4.Ryobi P261 18V ONE+ 3-Speed ½ in. Cordless Impact Wrench Kit (Bundle)

Ryobi P261 18V ONE+ 3-SpeedThe Ryobi P261 18V ONE+ 3-Speed ½ in. Cordless Impact Wrench Kit is a good driver because not only does it come with a P102 battery and P117 charger as well as a 3-speed selector switch and a tri LED light, but it also includes a 1/2 inch square anvil with a detent pin retention. Overall it’s a really terrific impact wrench and makes a big difference when you need to do a job in a hard to reach place or with difficult parts like shocks or tie rods on a car.


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5.Ryobi P234g 18 Volt Impact Driver Lithium-ion

Ryobi P234g 18 Volt Impact DriverThe Ryobi P234g 18 Volt Impact Driver Lithium-ion Works nicely because if it’s 1500 in/lbs at 3,200 impacts per minute. Even though the battery and charger are not included, it does use all Ryobi 18 volt li-ion or Ni-cad batteries. This is a small impact driver and it’s good not only in the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to grip but it’s also small enough to fit in tight places. It’s definitely good for jobs that need to be done around the house. Just goes to prove that depending on what kind of job you have to do, bigger isn’t always better



In conclusion, it’s safe to say that Ryobi has definitely earned its’ place as one of the best brands of power tool on the market. You can look around and you’ll see that there are a host of options available when you have a job that you need to get done – but in all simplicity, when you want to make sure it’s done right without question, Ryobi is the way to go.

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