Bosch RH328VC Review – Rotary Hammer drill


Everyone that works with power tools, whether it’s just at home as a DIY enthusiast or professionally at work will know the importance of using only good quality tools. Tools that are not steady, not powerful and do not last can be a waste of time and effort, and also dangerous at times too. At this level of business where things need to be done quickly and be done well too, one cannot afford the luxury of wasting time hence good quality tools become vital to the survival and the success of a worker.

One of the most common power tools in many workers tool box is the best hammer drill. While there are many different drills available to purchase, we are going to look at one of the better ones currently available, the Bosch rh328vc.

A closer look at the Bosch rh328vc review

Motor type

The Bosch rh328vc has an 8 amp motor. This motor is capable of delivering 0-900 RPM and 0-4,000 BPM. It can be easily adjusted with the help of a trigger. The motor is stable and of high quality so it will not lead to any hiccups in your work, it will not get heated easily. Hence, the rh328vc can be used for a longer time without wasting time on breaks for the motor to cool. The Bosch rh328vcensures that no time is wasted, enabling the work to be completed in time.

Type of bit system

The Bosch rh328vc comes with a 3 jaw chuck system that is easy to handle and provides superb grip on the bits being used. A small box of additional Bosch SDS bits can also fit into the original box. This is a major advantage for busy workers.

Speed variation

The speed of the Bosch rh328vc can be varied with the help of a three finger trigger. This type of a trigger provides better operator control. The bit starting can also be made more accurate and precise. This feature is found to be immensely useful in a construction site and other jobs as varying speeds increase the flexibility of the product.

Product dimensions

The RH328VC drill is a 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer. It can be used in a rotary hammer mode, hammer only mode and rotation only mode. This gives great versatility to the product, making the Bosch rh328vc an ideal tool for the busy workmen. It has a 7.7 pound body and it can give you impact energy of 2.6 ft. / Lbs, it is powered by an 8-amp motor.

Another important feature of the rh328vc is the possibility of varying the speed through a finger trigger. The trigger can be controlled with three fingers and is very easy to handle. It makes an accurate bit starting a real possibility. The Bosch rh328vc also has an auxiliary handle. The handle is designed to give the perfect grip and support. It does not slip and hence helps the user to finish the job well. It also has an integral clutch which can help in minimizing the torque reaction. It also has a 360 degree auxiliary handle. This feature makes it possible to use the drill for a variety of projects making it one of the most flexible tools.

Additional features

The drill comes with a one year limited warranty from Bosch. The whole package consists of a rotary hammer, auxiliary handle and a carrying case. Due to all the special features of this sturdy tool, you can cut through any surface like butter with a rh328vc. The reviews of the Bosch rh328vc speak highly of the product, and it has been voted the best rotary hammer in its class.

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