A Buyers Guide to Best Corded Drill Reviews

Powered tools are increasingly becoming must-have for modern homes. Corded drills, in this case, come in handy when doing repairs and maintenance projects around the home or work. With a corded drill, you will be able to drill holes through wood, metal and concrete walls and fasten crews fast and easy hence saving you both time and energy. It is also useful for removing rust, mixing paint, and stirring drywall compound. However, it is important to note that there are various types of corded drills in the market to choose from.

A corded drill is superior to a cordless drill by far. It performs much faster hence marketing work easier since it constantly receives power from an electric source. Your choice for the best-corded drill will depend on the type of drill you’re looking for, handle style/type, size, and brand.

TOP 5 Corded Drills in the Market

1. Dewalt DWD 112 8.0 AM 3/8-inchVSR Pistol Grip Drill With Keyless All-Metal Chuck

DeWalt-DWD112-corded-drillThe DWD 112 corded drill is designed with a variable speed reversing trigger function. This allows for versatility in fastening and drilling applications. Its high performance is owed by the powerful 8-amp motor which gets the job done in short. The 3/8-Inch creates a great capacity for steel and ample flexibility when handling different materials.

It also features a comfortable soft grip that protects your hands and wrists from strain. Expect a ball-bearing construction with this drill which guarantees high performance especially in heavy duty applications.

the 0-2,500 rpm speeds provide you with ample flexibility to select a speed suitable for the task at hand. You can be guaranteed of consistence and precision with the speed you select. With its ball-bearing construction, you can be assured of its resistance to wear and tear.


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2. BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver

Black-and-Decker-BDEDMT-corded-drillThe Black and Decker BDEDMT is powered by a 4.0 amp motor. This supplies it with enough power to perform a full range of applications and support various attachments.

This is a highly efficient drill that’s designed to perform various tasks. Unlike most drills in the market, one is able to use it as an; impact driver, trim saw, oscillating tool, detail sander, jig saw and a router. All you have to do is attach the desired head on to the driver and detach after the job is done. This money saving feature rules out the need to purchase several drills for the various functions.

Just because the BLACK+DECKER Corded Drill it designed for heavy, it is light in weight and compact. This way, one is able to use the drill in compact spaces efficiently. In addition to this, it prevents hand/wrist strains which enable one to perform work longer.

It also features an 11 position clutch provides added a control which prevents stripping and overdriving screws.


3.BLACK & Decker DR260C 5.2-Amp Drill/Driver


The Black & Decker corded drill is a compact device that’s easy to work with and maneuver. It is able to handle tough tasks in even the tightest of spaces. With the 0-1,500 rpm grants you the flexibility of selecting a suitable speed for the drilling job at hand. You can easily adjust it required without necessarily interrupting the drilling to do it.

The DR260C is also designed with a keyless chuck which facilitates quick and easy changes of the available bits. The compact bit storage makes it easy for one to locate, access and store the bits. It is an ideal device for drilling holes in wood, metal, and plastic. It is able to easily fasten screws on different materials.

The handle is comfortable and light in weight which makes the drill a suitable tool for overhead drilling.


4. PORTER-CABLE PC600D 6.5 Amp3/8 Variable Speed Drill

Porter-Cable-PC600D-corded-drillsThis is a highly efficient drill that’s powered by a 6.0 amp motor hence suitable for high-performance job sites. This delivers ample power to even the most demanding job applications. This way, you can be assured to drill holes in all kinds of surfaces without inputting manual pressure. The keyless 3/8 inch chunk facilitates a fast and easy switching
and fixing of the bits.

With the 6.0 amp motor power, the PC600D corded drill is able to make 0 to 2500 rpm which gives you the power to control the drilling process. The high-torque gear design makes this drill ideal tool for wood and metal fabrication. It is ideal for pilot hole drilling in the construction of decks, or frames.

Although powerful, the Porter Cable variable speed drill is light in weight and easy to maneuver around the construction site. This is further facilitated by the foot electrical cord.



Black-and-Decker-DR560-corded-drillThe black & decker drill/driver is a powerful tool geared by a strong 7.0 amp motor which makes it suitable to handle tough applications. It features an all metal keyed chuck which facilitates durability and better retention of the bits. Unlike most corded drills in the market, The DR 560 features a mid-handle for added balance and control. The main handle is
comfortable to hold on to during the drilling process.

The powerful drill is also designed with a reversing brush system that provides ample power in both reverse and forward motions. It is an ideal device for drilling holes and/or driving fasteners through metal, wood, and plastic.



This corded drill reviews will guide you towards the best device in the market. Before purchasing a corded drill, it is advisable to ensure that it facilitates the kind of task you have at hand. Some drills are small and compact which makes them a suitable choice for home use. Drills that are designed to perform a variety of functions come in handy for both home and professional use. An ergonomic drill is an ideal choice as it facilitates a comfortable grip which allows you to work better and longer.

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