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How to Use Hammer Drill

Tips On How to Use a Hammer Drill Properly and Safely! Hammer drill or more commonly known as rotary hammer, roto-hammer or impact drill is a very important tool that is needed both in professional and amateur spheres of drilling. The electrician, the Mason, the decorator, the carpenter all needs a drill. Even for little […]

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A Battery Drill Vs Corded Drills

When you’re buying an electric drill, you have to make one big choice: Should you purchase a battery drill or should you buy a traditional drill that plugs into an electric outlet with a cord? Neither drill is the wrong choice, of course. There are pros and cons with each drill. The decision to buy […]

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18V Drill Options

There are certain home-improvement projects that require just your basic corded or battery operated power drill- but then there are other, more intense, projects that require the services of a more powerful drill, for these jobs, an 18V drill may be the perfect tool. Many drills on the market today come in lower-voltage models, such […]

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Need a 24v Drill?

Thinking about a 24v drill? When purchasing a new power drill, you have a lot of questions to consider: Should you go with a corded or battery operated drill? If you go with a battery drill, how much voltage should your drill come with? And how much should you pay? If you’re looking to tackle […]

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Heat Gun Uses

A heat gun is one of the most versatile tools there is yet most people don’t realize it. Here’s a list of things they can be used for.  Like me, you’ll probably realize you need one! 1. Shrink Wrap – shrink wrapping can be a snap with a heat gun. Much better than a hair […]

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