How To Drill Into Concrete Effectively

how-to-drill-into-concreteHave you ever wondered how to drill into concrete? Concrete is quite hard to get through and needs quite some effort to penetrate. It is a mixture of crushed stones, sand, gravel, and cement. Just the combination of these materials means it makes quite a formidable barrier wherever you choose to use it. The fact that concrete gets stronger the older it gets also compounds its strength. So you can see that drilling a concrete floor is not something you can take lightly.

Where do we find concrete?

Concrete is used in almost all big building projects, so it’s everywhere. It is in our driveways, pools, dams and various areas of the home. Particularly in the home or office, you may try to drill through a surface thinking you are drilling cement only to find that it’s concrete. Hence, at one time or the other, you may come across a situation that requires drilling concrete floor or wall. So how are you going to handle it?

What do you use to penetrate concrete?

When it comes to drilling concrete floor or wall, you cannot reach for a mallet or hammer. Due to its density, concrete can only be penetrated using special tools. To be specific, you have to engage in masonry drilling, which involves using a masonry drill to penetrate concrete. A masonry drill has a tip made of cemented carbide that is ideal for penetrating hard surfaces. If you don’t have a masonry drill, you can use an ordinary drill and replace the regular bit with masonry drill bit.

Ideal drill to use in masonry drilling

The drill you use in drilling concrete floor using a masonry bit should have:
– A depth gauge setting
– A hammer function
– Setting to vary speed
– High power setting
Also, ensure that you have some water by your side. The water will be used to prevent the bit from overheating thereby preserving its quality. Safety is vital whether you are drilling cement or drilling concrete floor. Therefore, make sure you have safety goggles and a hard hat to fend off any flying debris.

How to drill into concrete safely

drilling-through-concreteOnce you have prepared your drill then decide the depth of the hole you want to make. You then use the depth gauge on the drill and set it to the depth you want to drill. Now, mark the spot you want to drill into by making an indentation using a sharp object or using a marker or chalk. The mark will give you a point on which to place the bit of the drill for accuracy.

To be successful in masonry drilling you have to start on a low speed and build up speed and pressure as you go along. When learning how to drill into concrete, it’s dangerous to put the drill at full speed as it can unearth sharp debris or cause the bit to break thereby cause injury and loss. So, first apply firm pressure and drill at the lowest speed possible until you have a hole that’s deep enough to anchor the drill bit. Once the drill is rooted in the hole, then you can gradually increase speed and drill the hole to the desired depth. That’s how you use masonry drilling to penetrate concrete in a safe and efficient way.

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