Guide to buying best scroll saws

Scroll saws are very useful when for cutting detailed or complex curves. If you’re a keen hobbyist or a professional they are very great additions to your workshop. However, there are many models in the market today, thus it is very difficult to know the best scroll saw that’s ideal for you. In this article we are going to review some of the finest scroll saws as well as the features to consider before purchasing a scroll saw.

What are the uses of Scroll Saws

scroll saws are used in woodworking jobs to:

· Create curves
· Create dovetail joints
· Cut angles
· Think cuts
· Craft complex designs

Besides they can also be used for cutting;

· Some metals.
· Cork
· Plastics
· Bone
· Ivory
· Mother-of-Pearl

How to pick the best Scroll saw

Choosing the best Scroll saw might be very challenging and also tiring since there are many models in the market. There are some factors that you have to consider before purchasing the best scroll saw. Below are some of the considerations:

1. Assessing your needs.

Before purchasing a scroll saw you should analyze the kind of woodwork that you’ll be doing. Basic cut-outs don’t usually wan a scroll saw that has many functions as well as features

2. Speed settings and Features.

You have to consider the speed settings of a scroll before buying it. Your choice is mainly determined by the kind of wood that you’ll be working on.

3. Flexibility.

The flexibility of a model as well as the dust disposal technique that’s it features are very important when choosing the best scroll saw that will perfectly suit your needs. A model that features a great dust disposal method l will ensure that your workspace remains clean.

4. Blade tensioning:

Some saws features levers, others feature a cam, others have handles at the back, which are all used to tighten and also loosen the blade. the positioning of what’s used for blade tensioning should be convenient.

Top 5 best scroll saws review

Although there are many scroll saws in the market today, other models are very functional as compared to the other models. In order to help you to buy the best scroll saw that’s very functional and also pocket friendly have reviewed the top 5 best scroll saws for you.

1. DeWalt DW788 1.3 amp 20inch variable speed scroll Saw

DeWalt-DW788-scroll-sawThis model is produced by a Canadian company known as Somerville. The model features a great design and it is among the best scroll saws that are in the market today. It is ideal for hobbyist as well as semi-professionals. This product is it is widely used for reasonably styled cutting. The design of this machine emphasizes on strong bearings that make it to be heavy. The strong bearings ensure that the model doesn’t vibrate even when it is functioning at full strength. Moreover, this model is very quiet and it comes together with a cast table as well as two blades. Although it features a stand that makes it flexible, you can also easily mount it on a workbench.

This product is perfect for start-up industries as well as hobbyists who intend to become professionals.


2. Shop fox w1713 16inch variable speed scrolSaw

Shop-Fox-W1713-scroll-sawThis is a great scroll saw that offers you value for your money. The model comes together with a remarkable cast iron table as well as base. Unlike the other scroll saws that are in its class, it is compatible with pinned as well as plain blades.

Moreover, the model features a gauge on its upper arm that can help you to set plain blades as well as a small fixed dust blower that is very functional.

This model comes with a gooseneck lamp that’s very convenient. It also features pin clamps as well as foot that are fairly universal to many models.

Unlike other models, the finish of this saw is very smooth while the paint job is also outstanding. Additionally, the model can easily cut through soft or hard woods.

Furthermore, the scroll saw does not need to be bolted down for smaller projects since it remains stable throughout. The model is made using either aluminum, steel, or cast iron so as to make it strong and also long lasting. Lastly, the model is very quiet even when it is working at full speed.


3. Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

Dremel-MS20-01-scroll-sawThis product is popularly referred to as the Dremel Moto-Saw. It is a great cutting tool that’s ideal for woodworking hobbyists as well as crafts-persons. It can also be helpful to people who love working on DIY projects

The model is an electric scroll saw that features a base which can be clamped on a work table or stowed away if it’s not in use.

You can easily use the model as a fixed scroll saw or a mobile one by simply pressing a button. The model is compact and also lightweight thus making it making it to be very portable. It is equipped with 4 blades that allow for a high level of accuracy in cutting.

You can also use this model on different materials such as timber, laminate, plastic in addition to slim metal.


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4. WEN 3920 16 Inch two direction variable speed scroll saw with flexible LEDLight

WEN-3920-scroll-sawThis is a great scroll saw that’s very functional and also inexpensive. The saw features a variable speed, a cast iron design, a 16” by 10” table, as well as an air pump.

Its stroke range is about 400 to 1600 strokes /minute which is great for a wide range of cuts. The scroll is made using cast iron; this makes it to be a bit heavier than the models that are in its class. In fact the model weighs 28 lb. the model has reduced vibration as well as less movement, this increases your precision and also makes the job to be a bit easier.

It features 2 bolt holes in its design for mounting because mounting helps to reduce vibrations.


5. Rockwell bladerunnerX2 portable tabletop sawWith steel rip fence miter gaugeAnd 7accessories – RK7323

Rockwell-BladeRunner-X2-RK7323-scroll-sawThis model provides a much better capacity as well as control as compared to the other models. It features a table top handle that’s specially designed for movability. It also features a Hold-down guard and splitter which can cut wide materials as well as a large rip fence that offers you better control.

This model is very versatile and also very convenient. The model is easy to set-up and it can also be used to cut wood, plastic, ceramic tile, metal as well as aluminum. It uses normal t-shank jigsaw blades that have instant, tool less blade changes so as enable you to easily and quickly cut materials. The model frees your hands in order to enable you to easily control the material that you are cutting. It features an in built vacuum port that makes cleanup to be easier as well as a compartment for storing your blades., the BladeRunner can make different complex cuts.



The above best Scrolls saws are not only functional but also reasonably priced. They feature great designs that will make your work to be a bit easier. Purchase any of them and you will undoubtedly enjoy working with them

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