how does a hammer action drill work?

The Hammer Drill is a unique tool that can be used to punch holes or pulverize materials with rapid short hammer strokes. The Hammer Drill is designed to shorten the time consumed by the task of drilling and to make an easier job for the user of the Hammer Drill. As well as this the Hammer Drill can perform the duties of a traditional drill. Lower powered units are often referred to or called hammer drills while high powered units are called rotary hammers. A Rotary hammer may also be labeled as a Roto-Hammer or an impact drill, dependent on the brand. This type of drill is a valuable tool, especially for those that are working with brittle materials such as; masonry stone or concrete. All rotary hammers operate in the same way. Rotary hammers tend to be larger than Hammer Drill’s, they are also designed to provide a bigger force upon impact with a material.

How Does A Hammer Drill Work?

To understand how a Hammer Drill works, the jack hammer can be referenced. This small hand held tool in hammer mode delivers thousands of rapid blows per minute (BPM). Or impacts per minute (IPM) alternatively. This action breaks up the material that you are attempting to break down. The waste material is then carried away by the tools flute so that you can work with the material that is on the other side.

Hammer Drill Reviews: Types?

There are two basic types of Hammer Drills, these are; percussion and rotary hammer. With the percussion type of drill, the entire chuck moves back and forth on an axis rotation. It can be used to drill without using the hammer mode but it cannot hammer without using the drill mode because the hammer will only work with the rotation of the axis. The specially designed drill bit not only provides the traditional rotation of a drill but punches the drill bit back and forth to create a hammering action.

The rotary hammer uses a different type of chuck which allows the pneumatically powered chuck to move back and forth independently. This uses a piston mechanism that pounds the drill bit back and forth whilst it is spinning. This type of Hammer Drill has the advantage of being able to be used in hammer mode and delivers a much harder blow than the percussion type of drill. This comes in handy when working with extremely hard surfaces. All in all the Hammer Drill is a very handy tool, your needs will determine which is the best hammer drill for you.

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