Hammer Drill vs Impact Driver

Whether you want to do up your entire house or change a bit in one corner, there are two tools that always come handy. These two tools, namely the hammer drill and the impact driver are indispensable to almost any and every tool box.

    Hammer drills are specially adapted for drilling through tough surfaces. If you want to put up a lighting fixture or bore a hole in the wall for hanging your towel rod, a hammer drill is just the thing for you! Impact drivers are tools devised for driving screws more effectively and forcefully than any other tool. Impact drivers come very handy in situations where you need to drive a lot of screws such as building a deck. It comes as a great help in various types of wood work like screwing down boards, planks and other pieces of wood. Hammer drills are equipped with more power while an Impact driver provides the user with more torque.

    There are different hammer drills for different purposes. A lot of drills are compatible with any size drill bits that are specially designed to help you bore holes of your preferred size. An impact drill comes with several qualities which makes it suitable for many a job. One can insert different drill bits as well as spade bits in an impact driver and turn it into a tool powerful enough to replace the hammer drill.

    Hammer drills are heavier duty and either comes with a chuck that will accept a regular drill bit or a special drill bit for drilling into particular materials. As opposed to this, impact drivers are lighter duty and are not furnished with any chuck. They are compatible only with 1/4-inch hexagonal bits. They can rotate either in clockwise or in anti-clockwise direction to facilitate tightening or loosening of the bits.

A hammer drill usually comes in the shape of a pistol while an impact driver resembles a mechanical screwdriver in shape and is much smaller than an ordinary drill.

    While buying an impact driver the torque is the most powerful determinant factor. Torque gives you the measure of the strength and power of your tool. The unit of torque is pounds-per-inch or in.-lbs. It denotes the pressure (in pounds) that the impact driver exerts per inch. The other determinant factors are speed, size, weight, balance and battery charge time. While choosing a hammer drill, the type of job is the most important factor. For carrying out a long term project.

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