Hammer Drills For Breaking Concrete


Has your futile effort to bore a hole through that 10-inch thick wall left all the tools in your tool box ruined and you frustrated and drained of energy? Don’t waste your time in devising any complicated procedure but simply walk to your nearby store and get yourself a new hammer drill!

There are several occasions where you need to do away with bits and chunks of concrete. It could be something big like a new sidewalk or a wider driveway or something as small as fixing a towel rod. On all such occasions, hammer drills really come handy. Hammer drills are specially adapted for drilling holes in tough surfaces such as concrete, masonry, stone or thick steel. A hammer drill works best in a case of concrete surfaces.

Hammer drills are available in both forms – corded and cordless. The choice of form depends on the purpose for which it is required. Hammer drills can be made to serve different ends by using an interchangeable head where different tools and bits can be placed.

For drilling multiple holes on a very tough surface a corded drill is more of a help than a cordless. In case an electrically operated drill cannot be operated and there are only a few holes to be bored then a cordless battery powered hammer drill will be more effective.

A hammer drill is usually not light and it requires a strong hand to operate it and keep it in check. Its operation needs a continual application of pressure in order to keep it on track. It is very important to use the right high-quality drill bit with the right tool.

The drills are usually powerful and swift. They can be operated both via electricity and battery. Electric drills are more powerful than the battery-operated ones and are usually used on construction sites. BOSCH or Makita are the leading hammer drill manufacturing companies.

Great caution needs to be exercised while using a hammer drill. One needs to conform to a few basic guidelines while using it. Since the use of these drills scatters dust particles in all directions, a pair of goggles is essential for safeguarding your eyes. Protection for ears is also recommended as the pounding sound created by a hammer drill at work may affect your hearing. One should also avoid touching a drill bit, as the bit may generate heat. One should go through the instruction manual carefully before operating a hammer drill. Children should be kept away while operating a hammer drill.

If you need a hammer drill that chisels away concrete and mortar like a hot knife through the wax, you need to keep certain things while buying a hammer drill. The material to be drilled is an important determinant factor. For doing bit jobs around the house a combination drill will suffice. The frequency at which it will be used is also an important factor. If it’s a one day job go to the tool rental department and rent a drill for the weekend.

If you want to reduce that concrete junk to crumbling dust, don’t worry! Just chill and get the hammer drill!

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