Heat Gun Uses

A heat gun is one of the most versatile tools there is yet most people don’t realize it. Here’s a list of things they can be used for.  Like me, you’ll probably realize you need one!

1. Shrink Wrap – shrink wrapping can be a snap with a heat gun. Much better than a hair dryer!

2. De-soldering – using a special attachment you can also use a heat gun to de-solder.

3. Paint Drying – decrease your wait time by using a heat gun to dry paint in a hurry. Be careful not to burn it.

4. Heat Shrink Tubing – another use is to shrink tubing and around wires for wire harnesses and connections.

5. Paint Stripping – Heat guns can be used strip paint or varnishes from wood surfaces without chemicals.

6. Welding Plastics – With a special nozzle and plastic rod, plastic can be welded just like steel. You can weld anything from PVC pipe to floor tiles.

7. Joining Tarps – using a split nozzle attachment tarps can be welded together by overlapping the two traps heat the sides then immediately pressing together the two sides using a roller.

8. Soften Adhesives – Heat can be used to soften glues and adhesives.

9. Restore Trim – Black plastic trim on cars can be brought back to life using heat. Apply the heat back and forth like a can of spray paint and watch the black return to its original appearance.

10. Thawing Frozen Pipes – Thawing frozen pipes are what the heat gun is best known for in cold climates and it makes the job a snap. However be careful with the heat application because plastic pipes will melt.

11. Embossing –  Used with rubber stamping, embossing powder, and special ink, the heat raises the embossing powder creating a nice embossed design.

12. Wax Your Skis or Snowboard – A heat gun can be used to smooth wax on snowboards and skis.

13. Candle Making – Use a heat gun to melt wax or smooth imperfections in candles and other wax items.

14. Roast Your Coffee – Coffee can be roasted at temperatures up to 750 degrees!

15. PVC Pipe Bending – This is the reason I bought my heat gun. Use a coil of wire inserted into the tubing to prevent collapsing of the pipe (at the bend) when bending. Just be careful not to overheat it and burn the tubing. Believe it or not, you can also use a heat gun to loosen and separate glued joints.

16. Upholstering Furniture – Heat is used to soften vinyl upholstery and give you a form fitted job.

17. Window Tinting – When installing window tint the heat is used to shrink the tint to the shape of the window. Use a smoothing paddle for best results. You can also use a heat gun to remove tinting.

18. Molding Skates – Carbon fiber skates can be molded to create a form fitted boot.

19. Dent Removal – Dry ice or a compressed air canister and a heat gun can be used to pull small dents. Just be careful not to burn the paint.

20. Vinyl and Leather Repair – Stray fibers can be burned off for a cleaner look.

And now that all of your work is done using it to…

21. Light Your Barbeque Grill High heat can be used to light charcoal briquettes.

Remember, many of these uses require special nozzles and the application’s usefulness is dependent on using the right temperature. The problem is, most heat guns offer only two temperature settings and that’s just not enough if you want to get the most out of your tool. In the next post, I will tell you about the heat gun I returned as well as the one I bought that does it all.

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