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Lithium-Ion-Makita-BatteryThe Lithium ion Makita battery offers you distinct advantages over other power source options, especially non-lithium batteries. When considering your options, the Makita battery should be at the top of your list. Here’s why:

The current models of the lithium ion Makita battery have a long life, both shelf life and time for use. You don’t need to be as concerned with replacing your batteries as often when using them. Run time varies between models, tools, and application –however, it is not uncommon to be able to use these cordless drill batteries all day on the job site without a recharge.

When you do need to recharge the drill batteries, the lithium ion Makita battery charger is simply amazing. This is nothing like the chargers you’ve seen in the past. The drill batteries have a computer chip that is smart. It remembers how many times it is then used and then communicates that information with the charger. Speaking of memory, these cordless drill batteries don’t have one. What that means is you can recharge them at any time.

The battery charger is no slouch either, it monitors and varies the current based on the requirements sent from the charging circuit. It also monitors the temperature of the battery and responds appropriately. There’s a fan that forces air through the battery vents ensuring temperatures stay within manufacturer’s specifications. Heat is particularly important for lithium ion batteries, as it can dramatically shorten battery life, by proactively monitoring and ensuring ventilation, reliability is improved. Makita even has a model of charger that can run off an automotive cigarette lighter, making your cordless power tools even more portable. All of these features add up to longer life and more time between charges. That’s more value to you for your investment.

When you’re on the job site, recharging time counts. The Lithium-Ion Makita battery can be fully charged in 30 minutes. This means instead of having to reschedule a project, you can be right back to work after a short break, instead of the next day. Of course a good solution is to always have a couple of spares available in your work bag.

One of the biggest advantages of these drill batteries is their weight. They are extremely lightweight, as much as 40% less than comparable nickel metal hydride or nickel cadmium. This makes a big difference when you’re driving deck screws for 8 hours. I’ve got a full set of Makita power tools, and I only have to charge my batteries about once a month. Of course, I’m just doing basic home improvement, using the tools an hour here or there, but it sure is nice being able to be confident that I can complete the entire job without having to stop and wait for a battery to charge.

Another nice feature is that the batteries are slowed to discharge when not under load. What I mean by that is if you charge your batteries, and then come back in a couple of weeks, there still going to be ready to go. The batteries will only discharge a small amount (5% to 10%) per month, as opposed to nickel cadmium, which can discharge as much as 25% per month. When I walk out to the garage, I want to just pick up the drill and work, and these cordless drill batteries allow me to do just that. The lithium ion Makita battery is a stable workhorse that will provide steady power and maintenance free operation at work and home.

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