milwaukee hammer drill 5378-20 review

Milwaukee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill Description

The Milwaukmilwaukee-hammer-drill-5378-20-reviewee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill comes with a 7.5 AMP motor. The drill is designed like a pistol and can drill up to half an inch in concrete. Additionally, the hammer drill has dual range speed controls that provide flexibility to the users. For tougher drilling work, a user can use additional power at a lower speed.

Similarly to execute easier work, the user can opt for more speed and less power. The removable side handles helps in setting the drill in a pre-set mode for drilling holes. This Milwaukee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill can be used on wooden surfaces that include flat boring bits, auger bits, hole saws, and self-feed bits. Additionally, the drill is usable for drilling into steel surfaces with twist bits and concrete areas with percussion bits.

Milwaukee 5378-20 Review

The Milwaukee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill has been positively recommended by all its users. It is powerful and can easily drill into a concrete surface. Users also found the dual speed control an added advantage because it provides them with an option of controlling the speed and power to suit the drilling job’s requirement.

The hammer drill is not very noisy while being used and is light weight. Most users have recommended the Milwaukee hammer drill’s ability to work on various kinds of surfaces including wood, concrete, and steel. The dual speed control and the flexibility to use it on multiple surfaces makes this drill extremely versatile and useful.

The Milwaukee drill comes with a switch to control the speed of the tool. Another switch is available to change the modes from hammering to drill and back. Though users like this feature in the Milwaukee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill, a common complaint that most users have is the placement of the switch. The switch is placed very close to the grip that can be activated by mistake while the hammer drill is being used.

The Milwaukee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill side handles are designed ergonomically that makes it very convenient for users to drill with the tool without being tired easily. Additionally, the side handles are detachable that provides versatility. One minor complaint that users have with the Milwaukee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill is the non-availability of a case that could make it more portable and also act as a protection.

After considering all the user’s reviews, we recommend users to buy Milwaukee 5378-20 7.5 Amp 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill. The drill is a high-quality performance that can be easily used to drill holes into various kinds of surfaces. It is a good tool to have for drilling jobs around the home.

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