Types of Hammer Drill

Overview of Hammer Drill Types And Their Specifics!

Hammer drill is such a tool that is mainly used in drilling and making holes on the hard platforms like concrete, metal, wood, plastic. Mainly these hammers are used by the engineers, technicians, electricians, roofers and mainly professional people. The hammer drill can be of many sizes and forms and they can have various speed and operation modes. Using a hammer drill is not very tough but one need to keep in mind the important things like safety, proper using manual while using such a tool that can be very dangerous and can create very serious injuries.

Normally while discussing the various types of hammer drill it can be said there are a lot of criteria about that. The speed type, the rotation type, electricity powered or battery powered, shape and size are some of those criteria. From those aspects, hammer drill can be of many types but there are two basic types of the hammer drill and they are percussion drill and rotary hammer.

Percussion drill

This is the type of drill which has special chuck and mechanism and the chuck moves forward and backward while the rotation is going on. The real motion gets attached to the rotation of the chuck and this specific tool can be used both with and without the hammer.

Rotary hammer

This type of drills comes with another type of chuck which moves forward and backward without any influence. The work is done through pneumatic mechanism. These types of drills can only be used in the hammer mode. These drills are mostly used on the very hard platforms to make hole. Apart from these two basic types of drills now-a-days there is another type of drill which is called the rotary hammer drill.

All these drills are used mainly by the professional people but that does not mean that homemakers or amateurs cannot use them. These are the types of tools that are actually come handy almost in every type of construction, renovation or structuring. Various little things can be and are done with the help of these drills. People like DIYs who are quite passionate about renovating their homes once in a while and wants to make furniture or some things to decorate their home find these quite useful and also the pros like electricians, carpenters or those into construction business are also in the need for these tools.

There are various operation modes and speed modes available in the drills now so that you can choose the operation and speed mode according to your need and the type and thickness of the platform. Moreover the various companies making these drills bring out them in various sizes, shapes, weight, due to which there is an array of options for you to choose from, according to the need.

So this article is all about hammer drills and their types. Working on a hammer drill requires utmost safety so that you can do your work properly and safely. To buy a hammer drill you must go the websites and consult the features of the various types of drills before buying one to fulfill the needs. Last but not the least opt for the drill that you can operate properly and safely and also one that fulfills your requirements.

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